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Tentang Team-Up Event: United We Stand Season 4

Welcome all to the new homepage of BGA's Biggest Team UP Event: United We Stand. This event brings together fun and exciting players from all over the BGA-verse to compete in a team competition. It's an action packed 8 week tournament full of excitement, plot twists and lots of great showdowns. The event features 4-player games like Sushi Go, 7 Wonders Welcome To etc., in a platform like none other offered on BGA. Be a part of something bigger. United We Stand: Season 4 is coming May 9th 2021. Look out for announcements on how you can sign up.

Want to join but don't know where to sign up? The day to register for this event will be on Saturday April 24th at 11am EST (4pm GMT). Another time to register will be at 11pm EST (4am GMT) . On that date and time, players can sign up for the event when the post is made to do so. It is highly recommended that you get there quickly.

Want to join but don't have a team? No worries. All you have to do is register on the sign up date. A captain can select registered participants to be a member of their team or you can ask a captain to be a part of their team if you are signed up. Everyone who signs up is guaranteed a team.

Want to join but don't know all the games on our list of games? That's ok. That's why you are on a team of 8 players so if you know just a few of the games on the list, your team can back you up with the rest. Full game list drops on April 18th.

For more information on UWS or a better idea of the event, you can check out our official spreadsheet for details like rules, participants, list of games, results and rankings. Copy&Paste this link below:


Hall of Fame

Season 1 Champions - Desert Oasis (Brisbane Roar, Cactus Tom, coxy5, donkeykong66, Lality, qwertasdfg,TEMullen)
Season 2 Champions - Hope-kids (iliz sera, Kallsup, admitted, Boudinosore72, Chaldejczyk, Shaq Jenkins, stst, vayne39)
Season 3 Champions - Tokarena (Niutacz, kicekjuve, vAndrada, vegaorion, Grey Lord, cream, Luq B1, Vicac)

Season 1 MVP - TEMullen
Season 2 MVP- Lincoln9818
Season 3 MVP - vayne39

263 anggota

kicekjuve (admin)
Silene (admin)
ojomojojojojo (admin)
rap2 (admin)
TpChristy (admin)
vAndrada (admin)
Niutacz (admin)

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